PCB Population and Test


We populate PCBs with both Surface Mount and Through Hole technologies. We test both in circuit and functionally.


Panel Sizes up to 500mm x 250mm
SMT 0402 to 52mm
Single and Double sided
Adhesive and Solder Paste
High Speed and Fine Pitch placement
Reflow and Wave Soldering

Inspection and Testing

In Circuit: Pin Bed
X ray (BGAs)
Flying Probe
Function testing: to customer requirements


Class 2 IPC standards
ROHS compliant

Markets Served

Our customer base is global and takes us into challenging and demanding areas such as Defence, Sub Sea, Aerospace, Telecommunications and Security.

  • Hardware Design
    Surface Mount Line
  • Safety Critical Products
    SPEA Flying Probe
  • Inspection
    Mid Process Inspection
  • Pyrotechnic Suite
    Custom Built Function Testing
  • Warrior Hatch
    Automatic Optical Inspection
  • High Technology Motors
    Post SM Line Hand Assembly