Our History

Dr S Z de Ferranti

Dr S Z de Ferranti

The Denis Ferranti Group originates from the Electrical Engineer and Inventor, Dr Sebastien Ziani de Ferranti. Dr Ferranti's key accolade was the implementation of high voltage electricity transmission through the design and build of the first 'large scale' power station at Deptford in East London.

Sebastian, subsequently, set up Ferranti Ltd in 1905 making electricity transmission equipment including meters and transformers. Ferranti Ltd went on to be a major UK Defence company.

Sebastian's son, Denis, set up Denis Ferranti Meters Ltd, in 1951, making electricity meters in competition with Ferranti Ltd.

Mark Ziani de Ferranti, the third generation and key mastermind behind the business, has been Chairman and Managing Director of the company for 40 years, manufacturing in diverse markets.

James Ziani de Ferranti, the fourth generation, is now General Manager.

The Denis Ferranti Group and its stakeholders are a true Engineering family.


The Ferranti alternator - Deptford